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about nature group

One-Stop-Shop service provider:

Over the past three decades, Nature Group has been a hub of innovation for maritime, offshore and industrial waste treatment. We are a leading wastewater collection and treatment company with operations throughout all ports in the Netherlands.

Our port reception facilities collect and treat maritime waste in full compliance with MARPOL Annexes I-VI. Being the largest and broadest One-Stop-Shop maritime waste collector in the Netherlands.

Nature International Slop Disposal operates with 26 slop collection barges and 5 (tank) trucks, giving our customers 24/7 service.

Why Nature Group:

  • Nature/ISD is the leading waste collection company in the ARA region for over the past 3 decades. With an average annual disposed volume of over 160.000 m3 of maritime and offshore generated waste streams
  • Nature/ISD operates a network of Port Reception Facilities covering all Dutch seaports and important hubs for inland navigation
  • Launched a unique One-Stop-Shop service package with the collection of all ships generated and cargo related waste under MARPOL Annex I – Annex VI
  • Double hull Chemical (Type C.) classed tankers
  • On request, we send periodical waste statistics which gives you a better insight in your fleets waste streams (including barge hours / pumping rates etc.). As a result, you can monitor the performance of the ships from a MARPOL/Waste Disposal perspective.
  • State of the art IT system with online Office <> Barge connection to monitor stowage, received volumes and all operational data
  • No 3rd party / Time chartered barges. A fully owned and operated fleet with an overall groups intake / transport capacity of > 125.000M3!)